Village Building Chronicles: Learning To Love Past The Pain

Village Building Chronicles: Learning To Love Past The Pain

“ is an amazing organization and is signature for hosting ancestral rituals known as community healing circles. “

Growing Strong Together

It’s one thing to learn your personal power, it’s a whole other level to see it in action!!!

Do you own your energy…your power?  Do you know how and where to recharge for life?  If that’s the case how do you know you do?  I mean really think about it.  Most of us think we do.


“How many times a day do we pray for piece of mind, only to turn right around and give it right away again?”-Pastor Rosemary Palmer of Lion & The Lamb Ministries.

Every time something get to us, makes us upset, anxious, irritable or nervous, or any time we entertain any feelings of our lower selves, thats exactly what we eventually end up doing. Giving away our peace.  If you know the answer to the first question, than more than likely, you also know the answer to the second one as well.


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*Black Maiden*

“Awakening sleeping butterflies.
Your waist beads chatter in glittering spikes
That brews sparkling confidence”


Your shadow speaksBURGER... 20170302_133417.jpg elegance Oh Fairy !
In the gleam of the rising sun
You stroll briskly towards the dam in glowing yawns
Awakening sleeping butterflies.
Your waist beads chatter in glittering spikes
That brews sparkling confidence
Sending strong signals of streaming supremacy over savouring strangers.

You walk with the rythm of fairies
And grace the sands on the paths to bouncing rivers.
The birds sing worship melodies to your lobes
And the dews leave the leafs to prey the moist of your skin.
Oh fairy , take a pause so the breezes may sigh a moment
From their service to your lungs the freshest air.

Your body is proof of the beauty of Africa
Your smile is the wealth beneath her rivers and seas
You are the emblem of her pride
And the mother of her children
Oh Fairy, clothed in the beauty of black.

Grace more the lands…

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Introduction – Waist Bead (“Waist Ware”) Circle

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Waist Ware Chicago


I’m Kenisha and this blog already inspires me!

I organize Circles to LOVE.  

Explaining Circles is a challenge for me. 

Expressing myself through writing is too.  

Follow this blog and witness my attempt to practice.

What is your earliest happiest memory?

Keep thinking.


Younger than that….

Younger than that….

A HAPPY time.

YES!!!! (for whenever your answer comes 🙂 )

Last month, my answer came and I started crying completely joyful.  I considered early memories of delight for a few weeks.  It was fun separating my actual recollection of childhood experiences from family photos I’ve seen growing up.  I was in a CIRCLE, playing “down on the farm“.  I remember different aged smiling children holding hands.  I recalling feeling connected.  The significance of gathering in Circles spiral throughout my life.  

I feel vulnerable sharing my love of Circles here and it’s exciting.

Wellness and joy to you.

(’til next time – Please bare with me as I figure out the frequency of the blogs)

All the Best,

Kenisha J